Who are we

BBC Conseil was created in 2001 and is specialized in the implementation of Lean Management in the automotive industry (mass production), in the machine industry (unitary production) or in services.

Its founder, Marc Babic, is a graduate of both Ecole Centrale de Paris and INSEAD (MBA). After more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, where he held the positions of Commercial Director, R & D Director, Plant Manager and Managing Director, he created BBC Conseil to offer his expertise in the implementation of Lean Management.

Our vocation is the implementation of Lean in a sustainable way, transferring methodologies and know-how. The Lean tools apply to all sectors of activity (industry, services, etc.) and to all departments of any company (commercial, R & D, production, logistic, etc.). However the implementation must be adapted to the specificities of each client and activity.

We put the human being at the center of our approach. For this reason, we coach your future “Lean Coordinators” with the implementation of Lean tools on the shopfloor. We also help some of our clients setting up their own internal Lean consulting structure.

Déploiement géographique du Lean

BBC Conseil works in network with other consulting structures (or freelances expert in their field) for some of the missions that require the deployment of several experts.

The consultants deployed on our missions always have a strong field experience, whether in production, services or R & D (we will never offer you junior consultants without real experience).

BBC Conseil is active in Europe (France, Germany, Portugal, etc.) and in the USA, and generally wherever our customers grow and need us.

 Coaching is teaching to fish, instead of fishing for others!